About us

We established our dentistry in the heart of Budapest with the purpose to give our patients a comprehensive care in the field of dentistry.Our goal through our treatments is to restore our patients' teeth and to give them back the ability to smile and chew naturally and effortlessly. The treatments in the practice are done in a relaxed, calm environment, we put great emphasis to do all of the treatments in a painless way.Our dentist graduated in Semmelweis University in the Faculty of Dentistry, has an experience of more than 10 years in dentistry, and continues her education in the field of dentistry. Our specialty is esthetic dentistry.Our goal is to provide our patients with the treatment that suits their situation the best.Our dental technician is experienced and makes dentures,veneers and crowns of the highest quality.

Our treatments

Esthetic conservative and restorative dental treatments:

With our restorative esthetic treatments-fillings, root canal treatments, crowns-we can restore the natural appearance and function of your tooth, thus we can provide you with an esthetically and functionally long-lasting smile, all this at an available price.

Crowns, bridges, partial and total protheses

With crowns, bridges and partial and total prothesis we replace your missing teeth, thus making you once more able to chew and smile.Our dentures, crowns and bridges are made in the highest quality, in making them we put emphasis not only on esthetic but on functional longevity, so that you can wear them long and you can chew with them effortlessly.

Tooth,broken root removal

When the tooth is damaged beyond repair, we need to remove it. Our doctor is experienced in complicate tooth and root removals, also in curved root removals-done in anesthesia, without pain.

Smile design, smile makeover

Our dentist has many years of experience in restoring the smile of our patients with direct and porcelain veneers.With the help of our experienced dental technician, she is able to restore  the most difficult smiles as well as the simple cases. All of the treatments are done for the purpose of giving you back your smile.

Replacement of old root canal fillings

our dentist is experienced in  replacing old root canal fillings with new, after thoroughly cleaning the root canal.By changing the root canal filling, we give the tooth and the surrounding bone the chance to regenerate and heal, so that we can save the tooth.